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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wolf Of Wall Street – “MONEYtards” gets high, party hard and pass out!

Here is the 71-year-old beast, back again with yet another masterpiece, delivering the modern day goodfellas kind of gangster (Stock Brokers) story. This movie will make you laugh in every single opportunity and at last will make you feel guilty for what you did and its undoubtedly Scorsese’s best work after The Departed.

Debauchery has never been captured so sharply on screen, and The Wolf is few minutes short of three hour long drunk story, it’s a mix of cautionary that’s spectacular and equally repulsive.

Jordan Belfort character is highly unlikely and hilarious at some instances. When the story unfolds, you find it hard to believe them and feel it over the top. But it is real and the amount of excess and overindulgence that Wall Street honchos engage in is ridiculous. Show those guys this film and they’ll clap and cheer at Belfort’s wrongdoings.

Leo has delivered one of his career best performances, I have a strong belief that he is a great dramatic actor, but his insane comic timing was a treat to watch. He has played the role just like any hotshot top level Wall Street Banker.

Take the special performances from Boiler Room(2000), multiply by thousand and that’s still less awesome, when compared to Leonardo Diacaprio’s portrayal as Jordan Belfort. There is this ten minute long sequence, where Jonah and leo intake lemon ludes( A special kind in Ludes). When it hits, Leo can't get his stability to walk, then decides to crawl back to the car, drive all the way back home out of all his wits and then suddenly watches Popeye eating spinach. He suddenly will feel the adrenaline rush and snorts some cocaine to get back to his senses. This scene will hold a special place in the filmmaking schools in the following decades on “how to deliver an insane badass performance”.  As always the Leo-Scorsese team is a treat to watch, we should be privileged to be alive during this era. 

Jonah Hill, is showing  high maturity with every single film. He has delivered another stunning performance along with a short yet powerful cameo’s from a dozen of actors like McConaughey, Jean Djuradin and many other stalwarts delivering their badass charm to the movie. 

The outrage over explicit sex content and glorified drug use is bullshit. It is not a misogynist movie, portrayal of misogynist stuff is never a defense of misogyny and drugs, but if you enjoy the stuff happening on screen then the joke is on you. If you continue to say so, it is a sin that you have never really got the concept of Scorsese movies. Scorsese made sure, Belfort is not going to be victimized for the drug trap and he also made sure that the movie disregards his behavior. He was portrayed as a narcist individual wiling to do all the badass things. 

Belfort was greedy with money, drugs and sex and Scorsese offered the movie everything that Belfort aspired for and gets into more bizarre scenarios for a breathtaking roller coaster ride. Most of the scenes where long, with high energy levels in an ecstatic mode throwing us shock in every turn, that you could never move your eyeballs.  It is a must watch movie, to know how the Belfort kind of retards gets out with a minor punishment, while the normal criminal with much less charges ends up in prison and rot till death.

Rating: 4/5

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Gravity - Go watch it in 3D!

Gravity starts just like any other space movie and then comes this extraordinary fifteen minute single shot, where the camera pans between two astronauts. It starts from outside with the astronaut outer view and goes into the helmet of the astronaut and gives us a glimpse of the UI and seamlessly pops out and this transition conveniently proves the stand point of the movie, “In space nobody can hear you scream”. 

Alfonso Cuaron is back behind the camera from Children of men, after seven long excruciating years, this time with a vengeance to entertain the crap out of you. Not sure why this movie is termed as sci-fi, as there is no fiction involved here. It’s a masterpiece science-horror movie, with no alien stuff involved but a more real intelligent disaster. Imagine 127 Hours in space, with more visceral, moving, immersive and yeah add 3D(For once 3D is worthy here and the movie deserves it). Technically its an astonishing achievement, this will be the only film that I would go back to watch in 3D in IMAX again. Also for once, the movie’s filming techniques would be as interesting as the film.

So what’s different in Gravity given that there have been other films about astronauts stranded in space? For one, Cuaron is a deadly filmmaker, a shaman. He absolutely nails the staging and pacing of the film, making it a 90 minute tense, dizzying, breathless experience. The detailing, the digital effects work and the long, uncut takes will divorce your jaw from the rest of your face. It’s not just one of the great CGI films of the decade but one of the five greatest uses of CGI in the history of cinema. When James Cameron was fawning over the film, he wasn’t kidding - Cuaron, Lubezski and their special effects team really have crafted something extraordinary here.

Apart from using groundbreaking technology like an LED box that’d change filmmaking as we know it, Gravity has a ‘believable’ disaster plot and a heroine who is quite different from the stock scream queens that you expect from Hollywood. She is smart, she has a reason to make us root for her, and more importantly, she’s heroic rather than corny, ping ponging between her primal urge to survive the disaster and her existential wish to stop trying. Sandra Bullock is terrific here, always convincing, despite the green screen around her, holding the film on her own in the vast emptiness of space.

There are some scientific fallacies in Gravity but laws of science can’t be questioned anymore seeing as Sandra Bullock broke them - she probably went around the space time continuum and aged backwards, because she looks 30 despite being 50. Except for Clooney’s wisecracks the lines (written by Cuaron’s son Jonas) are mostly pedestrian and simplistic, but not grating. One thing that I actually found problematic was a scene where the heroine’s weakest moment has a man saving her – it’s a tiny nitpick but it’s a little jarring to see a strong female protagonist being rescued by the hero in a film built around a strong independent female.

Regardless, all flaws of Gravity become infinitely smaller the bigger the screen you watch it on. In IMAX the film is perfect, utterly faultless. Cuaron clearly takes inspiration from video games with POV shots of Bullock’s character shuttling from one space station to another. One first person sequence where she changes her space suits and heads out to repair the damaged station is straight out of Dead Space. If this movie makes money, it’d have the potential for Hollywood to invest a bit more into smart original movies than shameless 3D cash grabs. If you’re interested in that kind of a future, you should buy your tickets right about now.

Rating : 4/5

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaya -First on Net Review - A Santhanam & Powerstar show all the way!!!

Just got back from the premiere show of Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaya, here in Melbourne. After a long time back here to review a Tamil movie. Happy for that, will try to be regular from now on. KLTA directed by Manikandan & Santhanam debuts as a producer with his own production company Handmade Films with this movie. Santhanam, Powerstar Dr Srinivasan, Sethu plays the lead role, Vishaka plays the female lead and the movie has an ensemble comedian star cast with VTV Ganesh, Kovai Sarala, Manohar and guest appearances from Gowtham Menon & Simbu. The movie being distributed by Udhayanidhi Stalin and the whole unit have built up an ample expectation level, which might in turn hurt the movie. Music by Thaman was average, but the only thing which people need from this film is entertainment from Santhanam and Powerstar if they can deliver that then the movie will be a hit. Let's see what's in store for us.

What's it about?

As rumored the film is a remake of the yesteryear classical "Indru Poi Nalai Va" directed by Bhagyaraj, three youths(Powerstar!) trying to woo a girl next door. They do all sorts of gimmicks to get into the house of the heroine. Santhanam will learn music from VTV Ganesh, Powerstar will learn dance from Vishaka's dad and Sethu will be a personal assistant(Malligai saman vangara paiyan) for Kovai Sarala. Then the united friends will get into quarrel on who will love the girl and finally who will impress her is the story. Santhanam has made sure that he will have a package of comedians who can bring down the house. He has done that perfectly in this film.

What's good?

Powerstar Srinivasan as a comedian is a big plus, Santhanam as usual had his pet VTV Ganesh and his iconic witty one liners are available all over the film. Both Powerstar and Santhanam had done a wonderful job. Almost Powerstar has done his real life character in this movie, so it's easy for him I hope (all those over buildups).  Sethu debutante has done a decent role. Vishaka looks bubbly, okayish role and she has done her part.  VTV Ganesh, Kovai Sarala and Vishaka's dad all did their part in their way.

What's not?

Since the film is a remake there is nothing new in this movie, same old story and same old characters. Little changes in the last. The film could have been trimmed a bit more, the songs make the movie lengthier. Nobody could manage to engage the audience during the songs and songs were not a hit among people which will make it a tiring watch.

Final word

Overall a decent family watchable movie for the festive season, with lots of fun. This will be a big break for Powerstar. As usual Santhanam rocked with his dialogues which will keep you engaged throughout the movie. If you are expecting a story, then this not your movie. If you want to be happy for three hours, then this will be your perfect choice. For Santhanam and Powerstar fans, this film is a delight for you!

Rating : 3/5

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Vishwaroopam New Auro 3D Trailer with Kamal Speech Official 720p HD

A New theaterical trailer with Auro 3D is released today. Also its Ulaganayagan's Birthday, I wish him a happy birthday and may he come up with some awesome movies like Anbe Shivam, Indian, Thevar Magan and many more of such in future. We also wish Vishwaroopam to be a grand success and let it mesmerise the tamil audience.   

Saturday, July 7, 2012

EEGA - Naan E roller coaster revenge by a housefly

South India's top commercial director SS Rajamouli's most ambitious project Eega is out at a record 1200 theatres across the world. Nani plays the main lead (Technically it's the rebirth of Nani as the housefly which is the lead character), Samantha plays the female lead and Sudeep plays the most important role as a Villain. Keeravani has done the music and Senthil is the cameraman.

What's the story?
Nani playing the eternal lover boy and Samantha will secretly adores Naani like what happens in most south movies these days. Sudeep gets mad when he gets to know that Samantha, the girl he admires, is in love with Naani. He goes on to kill Nani. Then unfolds the real battle -- the rebirth of Naani as a housefly and how he takes revenge on Sudeep. The names of Sudeep and Naani were retained in the movie, while it's Bindhu for Sam. 

The positives
The bonding between Naani and Sam was great. Sudeep has given a once-in-a-lifetime performance. If one-half of the film is for kids, then the other half is for adults -- its Rajamouli’s master blend that has packed all the elements so well. The background music will just woo you. The CG work by Makuta team was extraordinary, specially the scene where Sudeep blackmails Naani by Sam was shot brilliantly. Cameraman Senthil deserves a special mention here. Overall, the film keeps you engrossed for most of the time. 

The negatives
The film is a bit lengthy, sometimes you might feel that it is for the kids. 

Final word
It’s Sudeep, Sudeep and Sudeep all the way. A must watch revenge story - it will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

Rating: 3.5/5

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

6th Edition of Vijay awards- 2012 - Award Winners

6th Annual Edition of Vijay Awards conducted by Vijay TV took place on 16/June/2012. The list of winners are below, the list is in the order as it was given away.

Best Song : Yathe Yathe ( AADUKAALAM )
Best Music Director : GV.Prakash ( AADUKAALAM )
Sivaji Award: Singer SP.Balasubramaniam
Best Playback Singer Male - SP.Bala For Aiyayoo (AADUKAALAM )
Best Playback Singer Female: Chinmayee For Saara Kaathu(Vaagai Sooda Vaa)
Best Supporting Actor : Sarath Kumar ( KANCHANA )
Best Supporting Actress : Uma Riaz ( MOUNAGURU )
Best Comedian - Santhanam ( SIRUTHAI ) 
Best Comedian Jury Award - Kovai Sarala ( KANCHANA )
Best Actress - Anjali ( ENGEYUM EEPOTHUM )
Best Actor : Chiyaan Vikram ( DEIVA THIRUMAGAL ) 
Special Jury Award - Baby SARAH ( DEIVATHIRUMAGAL )
Best Entertainer Of The Year 2011 - " Soup Boy " Dhanush !
Best Crew Award ( AADUKAALAM )
Fav Song Of The Year - Ennamo Yeadho ( KO )
Best Male Debut : Nani ( VEPPAM )
Favourite Film : KO
Favourite Director : Venkat Prabhu ( MANKATHA )
Favourite Hero : Ajith Kumar ( MANKATHA )

Congarts to all lucky winners, make more meaningful cinemas in Kollywood.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Billa 2 censored with a 'A' certificate..!!!

Now its officially confirmed that Billa 2 is censored with 'A' certificate.
Chakri Toleti, director of Billa2 has tweeted that
 "A" with no major cuts...! :)"
Its actually a great move, yesterday Billa2 was on a negative side with film backing out of the BO clash with Saguni in the last minute. It was predicted that maybe Billa2 had a weak story line which pushed them to avert the clash, but to slog it out they have got 'A' certificate. Which shows that they are not ready to make any compromises in the film, if this policy being maintained all through the film then the film will be a Blockbuster for sure. On the darker side, last time Ajith's movie released with 'A' certificate was 'Alwar'. It clashed with Pokkiri(U/A). Pokkiri went on to become a rage hit while Alwar was dud. In the past a big 'A' certified movie was 'Aayirathil Oruvan', 'Pudhupettai' all were box office duds. They cant attract family audience, this time Ajith is more powerful when compared to Alwar and now his main and sole fan base is youth's between 18 to 25. So Billa2 might become the trend setter by avoiding 30% tax exemption and backing up the story of teh movie. Lets see what happens. Release date is almost confirmed for June 21 or 22. So its a going to be an epic clash between Billa2 & Saguni. Lets wait and enjoy the game as it get unfolds. Lets see who rake in big moolah...!!!!  whats your guess, flow in your comments below.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Krishnaveni Panchaalai : Nothing big..!!!

Krishnaveni Panchaalai a story about a cotton factory as the name suggests. Dhanapal Padmanabahn debuts as director, N.R. Raghunathan scores the music. Hemachandran(as Kathir) and Nandhana(as Poongothai) play the lead. Renuka plays the mother role of Poongothai. Film is produced by Minveli Media Works. 

Film starts off with a flashback back in 1950’s, where Rajeev Krishna( S/O Krishnaveni Cotton Mill founder) went to UK for his higher education, where he falls in love with a girl and he marries her. His father’s self-demise will compel him to return to India, to take over the mill. Then the film travels to 1980’s, where the mill will be running good, employees will be happy. There are a lot of love pairs in between, Kathir and Poongothai are one such pair. Furthermore, Kathir will help in arranging a run-away marriage for Poongothai's elder sister and his friend. Renuka takes revenge for this marriage and will mix poison for her own elder daughter. On the other hand, a tussle happens between mill employees and owner regarding bonus, which extends to a strike for 300 days. How Poongothai gets to know the truth of her sister's killing, how she joins with Kathir and what happened to Krishnaveni Cotton Mill is the rest of the story.

What works?
The film has an intriguing story. History and love were mixed in right proportions. Casting was perfect except for a few characters. It is evident that a lot of ground work has been made in properties inside mill, and the attendance card puncher deserves a special note. Performance by Renuka was damn good, both in the interval and in the final stages. Lead pair Hema Chandran and Nandhana gave a decent performance. Rajeev Krishnan was the perfect choice for a mill owner.

What not?
Having a decent story and pleasant actors to emote the film missed out in execution, it could also have had a better screenplay. Managers in the mill react too much and in the initial scenes it was irritating at one point. Songs are spoilers; it doesn’t have a good music and many were placed at the wrong time.

Final word: It’s a good attempt. If you are free, you can give it a try, nothing big.

Rating: 2.5/5

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Vishwaroopam - Trailor - Mind blowing..!!!

The much awaited trailer of Vishwaroopam has been unveiled today. Kamal Hassan playing the lead has also written and directed the movie, Pooja Kumar and Andriah play the female leads. Watch the trailer below.

Vishwaroopam - Exclusive stills. - Click the link to get all official posters and first look images of Vishwaroopam(without watermarks).

Traler review:
Viswaroopam trailer is a stunning mind blowing ride, Kamal have lost his belly and looks young as ever. In the beginning gun shots were matched with Kamal's vocals, denoting that Kamal has some evil inside him. This fact will be proved when Andreah says "Indha padathula ellarukkume double role" means everyone in this film has a double role(Positive & Negative). Positive and Negative is cleared when Pojja Kumar asks "Neenga nallavara Kettavara(Are you a good man or a bad man)" for which Kamal answers "To answer your question, am both I am the Hero & am the villain. So with this trailer it is very sure that Kamal has a double role one being a Kathak dancer and other as an camouflaged terrorist. Background music was good.

Rating: 3.75/5

Here is what Kamal has to say about his Magnum Opus "Vishwaroopam".

A marriage of convenience

Vishwanath alias Wiz, a Kathak exponent and Nirupama get married. Each have an agenda and seem to have achieved their wishes in three years of matrimony.

Nirupama gets her Phd and Wiz runs his dance class in New Jersey unhindered by each other. All is fine till Dr. Nirupama aspires for more and wants to opt out of the arranged marriage.

She cannot cite any specific reason to leave Wiz as there is nothing much to complain about him. Every male according to Nirupama must have a flaw. So she decides to find out something about him to feel better about her decision to part . She hires a detective to rake up something on him.
And all hell breaks loose.

Vishwaroopam is something that has been in my mind for nearly seven years. I hope it stays in my audience`s mind for at least half that time, By Kamal Haasan.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Adhinayakadu - Give it a miss..!!!

A picture depicting three get ups of Balakrishna from the film. (Image credits: Mustimusiq)

After watching this film, you're certain that Balakrishna was again looking to star in a film that was similar to 'Simha', his previous hit. Only this time, he has done a triple role playing Bobby the son, Rama Krishna Prasad the father and Harish Chandra Prasad the grandfather. Lakshmi Rai and Saloni have played the female leads. The film is directed by Paruchuri Murali, while the story, screenplay and dialogues are by Parchuri Murali. Kalyani Malik takes care of the music and the cinematography is by Surender Reddy. 

What's it about?
Harish Chandra is the leader of the Rayalaseema clan. He dies suddenly but the reason behind his death remains unknown. There's also a character called Bobby, a killing machine, who learns about his family's background and decides to return to his village. On his way home he finds Lakshmi Rai and falls in love with her. The film then follows Harish Chandra stories and reveals why Bobby was separated from his family.

What's good? 
The much-hyped character of Harish Chandra is fairly fleshed out. Jayasudha has also done a fair job. Brahmanandham was a relief, but his role could have been crisper.

What's not?
The film doesn't have a good story; neither does it have a proper screenplay. The film tries to attract all of Balayya's fans, continues on the romance-comedy track and finally ends up feeling like a family drama – a total hodgepodge. Both the director and the writer seem to be confused about how to take the story forward. They didn't know where to start and where to end. Bobby's costumes were also bad.

What to do? 
Give it a miss and wait for Balayya's next film.

My Rating: 2/5

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